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tv   Headline News  RT  September 13, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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thanks for joining us here were. unimpressed by the u.n. security council sanctions targeting north korea he says the new resolution. we think it's just another very small step. not
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a big deal rex and i were just discussing. not big i don't know but has any impact but certainly it was nice to get a fifteen to nothing vote but those sanctions are nothing compared to what ultimately will have to happen well it's certainly disturbing to hear these words from donald trump in the aftermath of a vote at the u.n. security council that was widely perceived as a victory for diplomacy the words that we heard from u.s. leaders on the floor of the security council were rather diplomatic and favorable to peace and cooperation at this point we're hearing u.s. leaders again talking harsh talking about the possibility of sanctions against russia and against china if they don't comply with the new u.n. resolution if china doesn't follow the sanctions we will put additional sanctions on them and prevent them from accessing the u.s. and international dollar system and that's quite meaningful so now we have these words from trump downplaying the u.n.
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resolution and many people whose hopes had really been raised for peace and diplomacy being victorious well those hopes are starting to dampen now they're starting to be some some fear that perhaps once again we are in the danger of a global conflict or some kind of war breaking out in the crisis in the korean peninsula could be once again intensifying despite what was seen as a step forward for diplomacy and international cooperation this is just another dip on the roller coaster and saying this seems every week with the war where it goes up very high than than maybe this in conciliatory talk some cooperation some diplomacy and then more threats of military force and it's really hard to know what to make of this yes we do have a positive that is the original u.s. draft was watered down considerably it was acceptable to the russians or the chinese but then we have this fire breathing talk coming from pyongyang we don't know what the next step is going to be could be the real question is. going to be when do we actually get to
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a diplomatic track that allows both sides to step down and to my mind that's got to be something like the double three s proposal that china has put forward the russians agree with but is absolutely unacceptable to washington it seems it's not only the white house first dissatisfied with the new sanctions pyongyang isn't too happy either in fact north korea's ambassador to russia says it's to believe that the north will break under sanctions but. we've been on the u.s. sanctions for ten years it was the u.s. that instigated the u.n. security council to come up with more resolutions on sanctions against north korea so we used to living in such conditions and we still managed to achieve everything we wanted if washington things will bend under these new measures and change our position it's delusional or filmmaker john pilger believes the problem lies not with pyongyang. the problem is not north korea the problem is not russia of the
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problem is not china of the problem is the united states the problem for the rest of the world actually now is the containment of the united states sanctions are relevant in the sense to this whole debate what is needed is a peace treaty with north korea between the united states and north korea and the government in seoul but where it's all heading is the most worrying thing a bowl. of protests have turned violent in paris where people have taken to the streets to vent their anger at the french president's labor reforms which are said to be adopted this month four thousand separate strikes and almost two hundred rallies have rocked major cities all across the country and projectiles and flares were thrown at the protest in paris.
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i. was out at night i thought. opponents of the reform are angry as it gives employer has more power to negotiate conditions also limits compensation for dismissal and mergers workers councils sees the reports from the pirates are just. one of the big newspapers here in front . of. the biggest street right to take place in evidence he was elected president. people there are very unhappy
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about the labor law that he wants to implement he wants to shake up the market and make it easier to hire and fire and now he thinks. this is ultimately unemployment rate here in front. of the rates in the u.k. and germany all the was we can see you say that they believe that this represents the likes of the employers in france i know the employee. said this lower is anti social because it's reliable for workers. but in the world this law doesn't provide workers with rights to work doesn't give privileges in both the public and the private sector as we defend the interests of workers what conditions retirement should lead to a full draft or thanks eighteen million workers the majority of french workers significantly limit their rights to make it easier to find people for when it's not
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justified the first week of the showdown between the president business president who's coming to power to shake up the job market bonds the trade union. the love stuff but she didn't say. that the plan for this. was through. over the next week. or so with only a few months at the helm president approval ratings have taken a serious nosedive his recent assessment of the protesters could deliver a new blow to his popularity. i will be absolutely determined to do that i will not yield in any way not to slack
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because you're not cynics not to extremists. we gathered here today to protest against macron and his policies which undermine the very existence of the workers from whole sphere is this movement is necessary it is the response of the french people who are protecting their rights. to syria now where islamic states grip over the country is fost loosening with no major city any longer fully under the terror group's control one of the main fronts
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is dead as a whole with the syrian army is now close to pushing eisold entirely out of the city a people have already started to return there after a three year suge was broken with the help of russian air power that's despite some pockets of ice all resistance still remaining in certain districts. they told us first don't forget you're in syria and forget all about it second he says you have to go to bed early t.v. is banned radios banned cell phones are banned a woman can go outside dressed so that the only thing which can be seen is her eyes . sometimes. we saw them breaking into houses and they approached our house they were banging on
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our door because banging and banging first i didn't open it for them but they smashed it down you'd go inside and smashed up all the things in the house. to. them it's about you i spent seven days in the jail and then i was taken to the chief and the court sentenced me to sixty lashes they may be stand against the wall. for the oldest my next year and i was driving along the main road when a bomb went off and a fragment of the bomb hit my name and he died as of late we didn't have enough time to save him some people called an ambulance but he couldn't they say that he died even before he got to the scene.
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the men must sort even when we were living under the blockade we had no cucumbers tomatoes apples or potatoes or have all that now thank god we get groceries and food boxes from the red cross we are very grateful to them i'm very happy that the blockade has been lifted. along with the civilians a syrian army brigade was trapped inside did as or during the suit it held and defended several blocks of the city including a military airport we managed to talk to the bases chief come on. so go talk to a seizure was also rehearsed on the airport this siege was quite severe since i still terrorists attacked the airport and other military elements daily we had an operation through and everyone knew how to do tanks that's their role the soldier that years rolled the leaders were side by side with the soldiers we fought to the death none of our soldiers ran away and we defeated eisel and their bodies were in the ground even before the siege was broken we received munitions by air drop
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because all the roadways wonder eisel control and using those munitions we fought eisel and won they weren't able to break any of our lines hundreds of them were killed all their attacks against the airport failed even when using car bombs suicide attacks we faced them down bravely. another front of the efforts to rid syria of terrorism is rock where i soul is also on the back foot documentary traveled to the scene of fierce clashes to film those who are battling islamic state. you know. every
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time a terrorist attack happens. there screaming i says so bad someone needs to do something against them and for me. why don't we do something against them because it's our problem. is now surrounded by us by syrian democratic forces consisting mainly of kodesh militias clashes all wrong going as the terrorists are still in control of several blocks of the city he spoke with the director of the documentary about what went through during the filming when we went to make this film we had no idea what we're going to come across we had literally no idea we started to build our story.
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three points are on the road to rock and the first point was the medical point the second point was the women's point and the foreign volunteers point. of the one quality that unites all of them is the very altruistic they're very idealistic anybody wanted to criticize them and say well they're coming like foreign militias to fight a war that's not theirs and then says they know they think it's their war i says he's acting every country and it's like people are paying attention for one day two days and acting as if everything will be normal. now that's not what we were attacked several times there was snipers usually so the main problems around iraq are snipers and mines and the drones the little drones that isis sons with
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little grenades so they drop the grenade and groups boards and so there is actually one that i talked while we were not have been on a permission yet we were about to go to operation. the grenade exploded in midair so it dropped from it didn't calculate the height so if it fell lower it would be done. the most shocking story was one that happened when it got to be morning and when everything got to be peaceful and all of a sudden someone showed up with a huge sword. and started beating random things isis just executed this through a few minutes or maybe an hour ago these three kids all of a sudden maybe two minutes later we heard screaming and you just started running
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into a space just started running there without a rifle just with a with a sword i think they can strike from the americans because they probably sold them on the satellite so they were isis. you know was one of the medics that we were filming. we were the only generation that will never say we want to go back to the days when we were young. and it's true. for more from one of the key battlegrounds in syria you can watch that full documentary on r.t. international next monday. well the media is hunting full russian expected to be meddling in the job and shut. off the.
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it is good to have you with us today on the program ninety five of ninety six russian athletes from nine different sports have reportedly been cleared of any wrongdoing by wada that's according to a letter published in the u.s. media well it seems like a politician are joining us live here in the studio to discuss this further very interesting kate so what do we learn from this letter yes a very interesting the street was indeed that turned out in the media and what it is it's an internal note from the world anti doping agency as we've long known in russia ever since some of the big sporting events particularly from sochi twenty forty the effectively there have been anti doping allegations against russian athletes and so many of them were suspended for the olympics going forward as well in rio and all this was based upon several reports have come through but the main one was the mccarron report which implicated that there was state sponsored doping throughout russia and of course that what's what led to the suspensions but now the
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world anti-doping agency according to this internal note is effectively saying this insufficient evidence against ninety five of the ninety six implicated athletes across nine different sports so now comes the the new process of saying rights they've been cleared effectively in a kind of theoretical way now they have the cases going through that would then allow them to compete so now we've got a situation where ninety five out of ninety six of effectively being cleared now they're saying let's go back and retest some of the sample some sort they take priority because they're there limp examples and they go through the whole process of not clearing everybody that was implicated in the first place ninety five out of ninety six that's not far off from one hundred percent indeed yeah exactly so there's just one that we know of one anti doping violation that will go against one particular athlete but also as you say looking across a whole range of sports here it's nine different sports and this of course have been hanging over people's heads for the past few years now of course will be well for relief to those after it's been implicated and so many and so many big championship dreams i live big dreams absolutely dashed as well the special
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olympics got affected as well. i daresay there are going to be some that say too little too late but this is quite a remarkable bit of information ninety five either of ninety six russian athletes cleared by water in effect yeah exactly so going forward now we're going to have a huge sort of push from all the international federations to effectively rubber stamp then what's calm through from order by saying these people are cleared but if you look at what they have to go through now they have to go through a retesting and when it comes to the olympic athletes the three cases that they were using the street sort of test samples if you remember the macao report saying that the samples have been tampered with and they claimed that the athletes have been giving samples before they were allegedly doped then afterwards you had the f.s.b. agents coming in just as keen as this well i think all the samples so they're going through all these particular bottles that we use they're looking through the scratch marks they're saying where perhaps the needles have gone through or salt tests or d.n.a. so all of that will have to go through all these particular labs in this one special lab that they use in lausanne in switzerland and that's going to be a very busy lab as they can only do a few samples every day and there's about three hundred that i've got to go through
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from sochi olympics alone so a big push from the international sports federations to officially rubber stamp what we've heard today that the athletes are clear and of course there were some people where when all of these allegations are coming out some people were saying well this is being politicized well the whistleblower in the whole of this was a great read chunk of and he used to run the anti doping laboratory in moscow of until twenty fifteen and then effectively that he left and he turned whistleblower and said there's been all these allegations of state sponsored doping well now he has he's the main witness he's no longer going to give evidence he's not coming forward so without that there's insufficient evidence that is saying water anyway so the whole thing is now looking like it's coming to an end for the athletes who've been waiting for such a long time goes against all these russian athletes now apparently falling to pieces artie's kate partridge thank you thank you and i think joining us so far here on the program on r.t. international we did get reaction from ellis cashmore a professor of sociology at aston university who says that while we'll have a hard time defending themselves now. you monga slee big decisions
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because they mean the russians were initially banned completely from the olympic games that's the very last thing they want is to defend its. defend its decisions i mean one of the implications could be that mclaren is forced to reveal his evidence so far there has been a lot of conjecture and refutation claim and counterclaim and mclaren and stood by his guns and said i do have hard evidence that there is state sponsored doping programs going on in russia and many a time people have said well come we see can we see proof of this we would like you to disclose this to us and he hasn't really done so at least not in the way that's convince the rest of the world. it is r.c. international with the german elections less than two weeks away media outlets have
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been chasing down russian hackers for whom as they assume it's time to meddle in the european powerhouses vote in a washington post article one security expert is quoted as saying that it just doesn't feel right that the russians haven't struck yet the report goes on as are just that the reason for the no show might be that germany's nailed the art of cyber security yet it also states that no evidence of any attempted meddling has actually been detected. jacqueline of a good takes a closer look. if you haven't been in a coma for the past year you've likely heard a thing or two about alleged russian interference in america's recent presidential election the cia has concluded russian hackers intervened in the u.s. election with the purpose of helping donald trump when hacking and leaking that the administration says the russians carried out connect the dots russia did it and while those claims were never backed up by any thought of evidence just a lot of speculation and hearty assurances that. doesn't stop the world from
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pointing the finger at moscow and also predicting that the big bad kremlin would do the same again in europe the russian hacker scene is huge german security agencies and cyber experts are alarmed all evidence points to russia that's why we cannot rule out why we're preparing for a similar efforts to influence germany's election many warned that the upcoming german elections would be a prime target for those pesky russian hackers so security was bumped up and investigations were launched but even a year long search by german intelligence for potential russian interference failed to uncover any evidence of kremlin backed meddling or not though that hasn't stopped anyone from seeing russia as democracies enemy number one a recent article by the washington post examines what sinister implications there could be behind the fact that we have yet to see moscow's hand trying to steer berlin's vote it's just not an election anymore without russian hackers with one think tank director saying the silence worries him quote it doesn't feel right the
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article edges that the lack of evidence doesn't necessarily mean moscow is innocent perhaps they just haven't been successful or moscow is simply biding its time and it goes on to say that russia's attack me only be seen after the election speculating that russian linked networks may try to manipulate the vote count so remain alert the washington post even quotes a german security association that works closely with german teligent agencies who came up empty when looking for sophisticated attacks coming from russia we did not find any evidence that there are more sophisticated attacks coming from russia in the pre-election period but that lack is credited to germany's resilience in stringent new legislation against the spreading of fake news legislation that doesn't come into effect until october but you know whatever the article also concedes that perhaps moscow decided to leave berlin alone because they're close trade partners something that putin himself has said in the past. was that we did not interfere in the u.s. elections so why would we create any problems here we have good relations with
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germany it's our largest trade and economic partner in europe but he is russian after all statements really only become fact when western powers make them so the clear message for russia is you're damned if you do hack and you're damned if you don't. now thanks for joining us here on aussie international an interesting wednesday of a worldwide news will continue the program in about half an hour. there . i thought that at that atlanta at three of the atlanta ah there that
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because there are no other takers. claimed that mainstream media has met its maker . peers will people been saying about rejected in that. the sixty's full on awesome was the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it was that really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than flu vaccines that see people you've never heard of love back to the night i'm president of the world bank so patzers doesn't really mean it seriously send us an e-mail. in case you're new to the game this is how it works the economy is built around corporation for ratios from washington to washington. the. voters elect a businessman to run.


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